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The Concord School District has over 1 million square feet of buildings, which sit on over 180 acres of land. Our staff includes a team of over 50 qualified maintenance specialists and custodial personnel. Our goal is to keep all our buildings at the highest levels of operation, maintenance, safety and cleanliness for all students and staff. This summer our crews will be working countless hours to keep the building areas clean and up to speed.

We are focusing on the strategic plan for the district in the areas of facilities and safety. CSD has been awarded (2) separate safety grants. These federal grants were designed to address various upgrades, relating to annunciation, alert notification, and access control. Hardening of the entry ways is also part of the grants that we will complete in the summer of 2024.

Annually, we work from our Capital Improvement Plan. This is a ten-year plan that looks ahead to plan and budget for upgrades, repairs and maintenance of all of our facilities. This summer along with the security grant work, we will be replacing all HVAC units at both Broken Ground and Beaver Meadow School. These new systems are designed with dehumidification which allows for cooling in the late spring, summer and early fall months. All HVAC in the district is maintained annually, as well as quarterly we replace all filters on our air handlers. This quarterly filter change coupled with the MERV rated filters gives our schools healthy indoor air quality. We are conducting our 3rd round of required lead testing in all schools. When lead is detected, we have a process of shutting down the faucet, replacing faucets and fixtures as well as repurposing fixtures where needed. In the summer of 2024, we will also be replenishing all playground mulch areas with new mulch.

Lastly, the new middle school project is underway. We will look to complete schematic design in the month of June 2024. HMFH has been hired to design the middle school. We are looking to hire a Construction Management firm at the end of Schematic Design. The location for the new middle school was selected in December of 2023. The location is a 58.08-acre parcel of land that abuts the Broken Ground and Mill Brook School. Construction is expected to begin in January of 2026 and complete in July 2028. For more information check out our school district website www.sau8.org.

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Matt Cashman

Director of Facilities & Planning


Matt Cashman

Director of Facilities And Planning

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Administrative Assistant - Facilities, Student Services

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Building & Grounds

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Building & Grounds

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Head Custodian, CHS

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Head Custodian, RMS

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Head Custodian, BMS

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Head Custodian, CMS

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Head Custodian, MBS

Building Rental Request

Did you know that our facilities can be rented out to the general public for special events, gatherings and meetings? Please feel free to contact Glenna Considine for information regarding reservations and cost. Glenna can be reached at 603-230-7899.

If you are interested in renting space in one of our facilities, please use this link to fill out a building rental request. Once the form is completed, email us your request.